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Aloha Gummy

Aloha Gummy from us over here at Prophet Premium Blends is a juicy gummy candy that has that tropical taste that you crave. A blend of pineapple and sharp lime juices join forces to exhilarate the tongue before the sugary taste of candy drapes your sweet tooth. Each hit is invigorating beyond words. When you inhale, the fruity notes stimulate your senses instantly. The exhale allows you to enjoy the sweetness from the candy which satisfies your most intense sugar cravings.

Gummy candies, especially tropic-paired ones have always been our lovely childhood sweets. As we grow up, we want to recall those sweet memories, which left colorful ethereal adoration in our minds.

Don’t be shy to admit that you also have those candy-inspired cravings to satisfy your nicotine thirst. Fire up your taste buds with this revitalizing blend of pineapple and lime. Inhale makes you feel the deep touch of sweetness with satisfaction. While each exhale delivers that limy candy taste that you absolutely in love with.

Enjoy a trio of delightful tropical fruits in a single cloud, as you lose yourself in a vacation of sweet and fruity goodness with every puff! The dominant flavor in this e-liquid is pineapples, firm and sweet and full of tangy tropical flavor. These lush island favorites have been stripped of their piny skin and carved into thick chunks, ready to delight your taste buds with a burst of delicious flavor. But to soften the sharp tang of the pineapples, two citrus fruits have been swirled in: sooth lemon and calming lime. These two fruits offer a smooth escape into just the right amount of tanginess to offset the sharpness of the wild pineapple. Add in just a pinch of chewy candy flavor, and you’ve got yourself one of the most coveted island flavors available anywhere on the market!



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