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Straw Melon Twist on Ice

Straw Melon Twist on Ice do you feel like you need something refreshing that is going to be fruity and icy? Then you should probably get your hands on Straw Melon Twist on Ice, an e-liquid that is going to use the freshest fruits and add a chilling touch to make you feel good. Straw Melon on Ice by Prophet Premium Blends features a bone-chilling version of the popular Straw Melon flavor. Savor the taste of frozen strawberries and frosty watermelon chunks meddled with a minty coolness!

We traveled to the ends of the earth to discover these snow-covered fruit gems, almost freezing to death in the process. These frosty berries & melons were buried under several feet of snow, frozen solid like glacier rubies. We feverishly dug through the snow, hoping and praying that these frozen gems were ready to be harvested–and they were! We cracked these frosty swollen melons and marveled at the icy fruit, crisp, cold and refreshing. We gathered up as many of these ruby red strawberries as our frost-bitten hands could carry, aware of how precious these frozen fruits gems were. We tried to capture the same frozen fruit flavor in Straw Melon Twist on Ice e-liquid: refreshing, chilling and sweet.

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