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Our No to Minors Pledge

Prophet Premium Blends #No2Minors campaign is founded to fight against underage vaping. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and combat the underage sale and distribution of e-cigarette products. The purpose of our products are to help tobacco users find alternative solutions.


Prophet Premium is committed to protecting minors from purchasing tobacco and vape products. Our goal as a company is to ensure our products are only provided to legal adults, in the hope of helping existing smokers quit smoking cigarettes. It is our hope to help bring awareness and to continue to help prevent the sales of tobacco to minors.

Free #no2minors Social Media Resources


We are determined to stop minors from being able to purchase vape products. For this reason we are committed to following best practices to restrict underage sales and are involved in this movement to create a better future. Our #no2minors campaign helps raise awareness of this movement, our responsibility in our industry, and limit underage sales. Help us raise awareness and show your support by including the hashtag #no2minors with these images that you can be downloaded and shared on social media!


Doing our part

Age Restriction on Website

Each website visitor is required to check that they are of the legal age before they are allowed access to the site.​

I.D. Verification at Checkout

To make sure we meet FDA level compliance to restrict underage sales of products to minors, we use age verification technology that checks consumer's age before purchase.

Regulating Purchases

To ensure FDA complacence we limit the amount of products sold per sale to limit the possibility of resale to minors. In addition we check that the age verification was completed before shipping any products.

Retail Resources


We're committed to helping all of our retail partners join our #no2minors campaign and stay updated with the latest regulations, follow best practices for restricting underage sales, and promoting a positive community together. We provide all of our retail and distributors with legal and internal guides to help them easily follow best practices and responsibly sell products to only legal adults.



Check I.D. Before Purchases

Only sell products to customers of legal smoking age: 21 years and older. Check the photo ID of every consumer who attempts to purchase vape related products.

Follow Regulations

The FDA closely monitors retailer, manufacturer, importer, and distributor for compliance deviations with federal Tobacco Laws and Regulations, so always use integrity and follow legal and ethical practices in your stores.

Secret Shopper Checks

Undercover Buy Inspections are routinely conducted in retail stores. There are nearly 1 million inspections a year, over 10,000 per month, and over 300 per day. Avoid failing inspection by carding each consumer and following legal and ethical best practices when selling tobacco products.